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Cannot evaluate Curtain wall panel properties


I'm trying to pass the curtain wall panel's nominal width and height into a property.
The problem is, if I select the panel and evaluate the expression, it doesn't return anything.

If I try to evaluate the element ID for the panel, it returns the curtain wall's element ID, as if it wouldn't go to component level to get the requested information.

Any ideas how to overcome this?
actively using: AC22-25 INT | Rhino6-7 | macOS / win10

Hello furtonb,

If I have understood, you want to get each your CW panel's dimensions.
To try do the same thing, I've done a schedule which call every 3D element which is a CW panel (by classification).
By this way I have got only my CW panel into my schedule.
Finaly I put into my schedule element ID and width and height.
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Hi Christophe,

I have a schedule that lists these values (nominal width/height, Element ID, Parent ID).
I'm building expression based properties on them and it's rather counterintuitive to switch back and forth a schedule and the property manager window (the schedule shows the evaluated property, but the property manager's editor window not).

It works for "normal" elements like a wall or slab, but not with subelements like a CW panel.
actively using: AC22-25 INT | Rhino6-7 | macOS / win10

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