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Cars & People Objects are not showing up in Artlantis v.6

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I recently upgraded from Artlantis 5 to Artlantis 6, and purchased an extra v.6 seat/license as well.
I have one main problem with version 6 involving objects. Most of my 3D cars and people only show up as shaders or “skins”, which doesn’t allow
me to drop and drag them into my 3d window as I’ve been able to do with Artlantis 4 & 5. I know how to use the Artlantis Media Converter from 4 into 5, but I can’t seem to get my Artlantis 6 Media Converter to locate my 3D .aof objects in order to drop/drag them into Artlantis 6.
Please look at my screenshot. I've selected both cars and people objects on the bottom menu. Instead of seeing my objects, all I get is an endless list of 2D shaders or skins instead of the actual 3D .aof objects as I am able to do with version 5.
fyi: I've already contacted Abvent about this but they've offered no solution.
Can someone please advise me as to how to fix this problem?

Barry Kelly
This is an Archicad forum for Archicad related issues.
You will be better off trying the Artlantis forum ...


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