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Certain layouts in layout book won't publish

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With AC8.1, I have problems with publishing certain layouts. One in particular is of an electrical system with panel schedules and details. The whole layout book will publish to .dwg just fine, but this particular layout will not publish. The error says that Plotmaker couldn't reproduce it. There is really nothing intricate about it, the exact same layout (boilerplate) will publish in other projects and layoutbooks, but sometimes it won't.

I did some experiments this morning. If I delete the drawing from the layout, it publishes. If I drag the drawing out of the window so that there is no information showing on the layout, it will not publish. I don't understand as there is nothing there to publish except a drawing window, nothing to not be able to reproduce.

Why is this??

Looks like I'll have to convert all of my layout books to v10 sooner than I had hoped - that's a lot of work!!

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