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Change scale of interior elevations and crash.

Steve Jepson
I have crashed ArchiCAD 11 more in this past week than in the previous 14 years! Dam spell cchecker and now changing scale of views.

drag interior elevation views into a layout from the navigator.

They all come in at 1/4" scale. I change them to 1/2" scale. Then open one, change the view to 1/2" scale, edit a few things and save. Go back to layout and update will crash the system when it comes to the view that I changed the scale on while I was editing it.

If I change the scale back to 1/4" before saving the view, then open the layout it will not crash so I know it is not the lines I added that is making it crash. It it the change of scale. I think this is the reason why have crashed so many times recently. I think this happens to any view that you placed in layout at one scale, oven the view and save it at a new scale and when you update the layout it will crash. I am not sure if this is the case with anything except interior elevations. I will check it out when I am not trying to meet a deadline. Things always go wrong at the worst time.

Anyone else crash when you do this?

ArchiCAD 25 5010 USA - Windows 10 Pro 64x - Dell 7720 64 GB 2400MHz ECC - Xeon E3 1535M v6 4.20GHz - (2) 1TB M.2 PCIe Class 50 SSD's - 17.3" UHD IPS (3840x2160) - Nvidia Quadro P5000 16GB GDDR5 - Maxwell Studio/Render Multilight 2 - Adobe Acrobat Pro


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