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Change the door/window label in repeating doors/windows

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The text label on the doors and windows I should use in the project are for example ID5.1, ID5.2 and so on... and that means every door has its own settings, but when I put 2 doors of the same label ID5.1, the second shows with label ID5.2, but that shouldn´t be like that as it gets confusing, because the door ID5.2 has completely other settings than ID5.1.
How can I change the settings of the text labeling, so the second or third repeating door can be labeled for example ID5.1_A, ID5.1_B and so on, or should I manually change it by myself?

Thank you!

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
You should set the Door/Window Text Label to display the ID of the Door/Window.
Then you can use the Document > Listing Extras > Element ID Manager to modify their IDs.
Go to 3D, use the Find & Select Palette to select Doors with the same settings, then configure the Element ID Manager properly to modify their IDs so the last character changes to A, B, C, etc.
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If I choose to insert 10 doors of the same ID ''RT13'', then I want all of them to have that ID (in the attached image it can be clearly seen that the selected door has different ID names, because it was inserted several times in a row).
I know I can draw one door and then with the eye-drop tool repeat the same for the next door, but is there another way to resolve this issue when one inserts the door in a continious way?

Barry Kelly
There is an option in the Work Environment to control the automatic increase of element IDs.
If your ID has a number in it and you want it to increase automatically every time you place an element, turn the option on.
If you want the ID to stay the same all the time then turn it off.

You can still manually edit the IDs or use the ID Manager as mentioned whether this option is on or off.
It only comes into effect when placing new objects.

But if you use the eye dropper you will get exactly the same ID regardless of the setting.
So you can have the auto increase on for new elements so the ID changes but can use the eye dropper if ever you want the ID to be the same.


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That was exactly what I was looking for.
Thank you both .

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