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CineRender problem! emergency

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Hello community,
I am trying to render my project with CineRender and I keep failing, I don't know if it's me or it's Archicad. The problem is that after I click the projection button, the rendering screen shows up, but nothing happens, it just stays white, I have even left it for 20 minutes like that, and still nothing. I doubt that it's a PC problem, as I have a pretty high-end configuration, and a good graphics card (with latest drivers). It might be my projects fault, i am new with archicad. Oh, and internal engine rendering and sketch rendering work.. I am attaching photos below. I am desperately looking for a way to fix this!!!
here's a photo of my project

and here's the problem

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Jere wrote:
I'm having the exact same issue.

My colleague on can do renderings on the same teamwork file on her computer, but nothing happens on mine in either the preview window or the rendering window.

I was able to render in the past with CineRender. I'm not sure what changed.
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Katalin Borszeki
Hi all! The issue happens because the installation of Cinerender folder remained incomplete while running the 4020 update.
It is caused by a stucked MAXON related process in the task manager, called ‘qtguiagent.exe’. (This process starts with the Cinerender64.exe but in some cases it might get stuck in the task manager even after closing ArchiCAD. When installing Update 4020, this stucked process prevents the installer from updating the CineRender folder properly.)

There are two workarounds:
- run the 3006 installer repair on ArchiCAD 18
- go to the task manager and make sure that the process qtguiagent.exe is not stuck, if it is stuck, end the process
- run the 4020 update

copy the full cinerender folder from another computer where the update ran through without a problem or was not yet installed
Katalin Borszeki
Implementation Specialist
GRAPHISOFT - the ArchiCAD knowledge base

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I have the same problem on Archicad 19 any solutions ??

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Solved - the black screen problem with cinerender was caused by faulty setup of displacement map in some material, so I only switch off displacement..
So..if you have problem with black screen, try render with "White model"..if everything works, there is some collision in material setting.

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