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Cinema 4D Exchange plugin Scaling bug in Archicad 20!!

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Hallo People!

This is my first post so greeting to everyone!!

I think there is a serious bug in Archicad 20 (or c4d exchange plugin for AC20).

This is what i do in Archicad:
1. Swith to 3d view
2. change working units to Centimeters (for exporting to cinema 4d)
and export model in c4d format
3. In cinema 4d switch units to Centimeters and open the AC exported model
4. Done!

This works flawless with AC19 regardles of the C4D version.

But when i do this with Archicad 20. Somehow C4D automaticly converts the units to meters and everything is out of scale.
even worse...when i add a cube or camera the objects are way to small compared to the model.

And here's the catch...This only happens when I use Archicad 20!!
Regardles of wich Cinema 4d version i use, Archicad 20 messes up the scaling.

And when i Use Archicad 19, everything's fine!!

Can the developers please look in to this???
I'm using the free versions to check this AC/C4D workflow out.
And it's a smooth workflow but for now i wouldn't be able to use the latest Archicad 20.

Please Help!!

I have been exporting C4D models to a third party without issue but in AC20 I am using the PhotoRendering Setting pallet. There is a "v" arrow next to the camera which allows you to "Export to Cinema 4D". You might like to try this method instead.

I'm not sure if the C4D exchange plugin is still relevant to AC20?
Apple iMac macOS Big Sur / AC24UKI (most recent builds)

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Hi DGSketcher,

Thanks for your reply. This works well. Everything's is scaled properly.

But now I can't update the C4D model which has various materials assigned.
I get a message saying that I opened a AC 18 file and if I want to use scene combine command to optimize the geometry. and that if I do so MergeUpdate will not function properly.

Did you manage to properly update a model in c4d after assigning material?

Hi JustinX,

Sorry I can't help you with the C4D side of things. I was exporting the models to another contractor for visual production. I'm haven't seen what they have done with the models but they were apparently happy with what was supplied from AC20 together with the exported "Tex" texture folder.

I trust you have the latest updates for both softwares?
Apple iMac macOS Big Sur / AC24UKI (most recent builds)

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Thank anyways for trying buddy!!

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Hi every one, has been a long time.

I'm really surprised there hasn't been more topics on this subject.
But here's the workflow that I mean:

let's see if anyone has something else on this.

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