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Complex Profile

Too Long
Hi all.

I'd like to create a complex profile for a slab edge thickening similar to that which is available by default in the Australian version of AC24 but Id like my profile to extend up from the top of the base of the footing whilst maintaining the angle of the throat. Is this possible?
Below is what happens when I try to make this work.

Thanks alot.

This is the default profile:

This is what I require (this is a GIF):

But this is what happens:

I'm not sure this is possible. When you stretch, left point is changing and x and y coordinates. To achieve that, you need to use a formula, that would modify x coordinate accordingly to the change of y coordinate. But currently complex profiles do not have possibility to use formulas, as I know.

Looks like you have an Offset Modifier in conflict with Height Stretch.
You'll have to uncheck Height Stretch on the "Modifiers" DropDown inside Profile Editor.
Then use just the Offset Modifier. Like this:
Paulo Henrique Santos, Architect
AC24_INT#3008 / I7 / 16Gb / 512Mb SSD / Windows 10

Too Long
Thank you very much, I have never noticed that option before.

Thanks again.

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