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Consolidating values to one property


I'm trying to create an ironmongery schedule which includes different element types (railings, windows, zones and objects).


I would like to have two fields in the schedule - Length and Width/Height - and have the sizes of all the ironmongery elements in these fields, for example:


Name                           Dim 1                   Dim 2

Balustrade 01              5m (length)         1m (height)

Ventilation grille 01     1.2m (width)        1.5m (height)

Bicycle Store               8m (length)         4m (width)



The problem is that because they're different types of elements, Archicad uses different properties for each one, e.g. railing length is not the same property as window width.


I tried creating a property in the property manager using an IFS statement to consolidate the different properties into one but it doesn’t seem to work very well. It works for the first element in the formula but then uses the ‘ELSE’ value for the rest.


Has anybody tried this before? Is there anything specific I need to do?







Hi Rico!
I can advise you to create a full sheet with the criteria you want and then specify the dependency for the clean version, you will need to specify the condition so that everything is used as you want it

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Thanks for your response, but I don't understand exactly what you mean. Would you mind explaining it in a bit more detail please?


I'm trying to use a function along these lines: IFS (Type of element = "Railing"; Length in 3D; Type of element = "Window"; Width of wall opening; Type of element = "Object"; Width)


Sometimes it will show the first value and then nothing for the other elements and sometimes it doesn't work at all.

What I mean is that you can make a general report with the data you need, be it different classifications under objects, then export to xml your documentation, before that make formulas in the table to calculate and output values under a single view, then you can import the clean version.
This is a very simple way as you don't need to enter anything manually, everything will be built for you and the way you want it.
This way you will arrive at a solution quicker, and how you solve it is another matter, but the good news is that this method is extremely easy and efficient in subsequent calculations.

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