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Continually stuck on "updating" drawings on layout

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I am working on a massive teamwork project and getting towards end of detail design, have over 100 A1 layouts, each layout with multiple drawings

Everything is set on Auto update so that anybody on the teamwork can publish PDFs without having to reserve the layout and manually update

However what is really frustrating is how long it takes for drawings on layouts to update. Sometimes I just want to have a quick look at what is on a layout and it takes several minutes and the cancel / abort button never seems to work

There has to be a way of "previewing" a layout quickly without having to update each drawing and waiting minutes on end

Indesign has a tool of "fast display" - wonder if there is anything close to what I am after here in AC...

Barry Kelly
benjamin_chan wrote:
Does the "Auto-rebuild Model View Control" affect the drawing update?

I think it is just for sections and elevations.


One of the forum moderators.
Versions 6.5 to 25
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I've done a test and disabling those options don't help unfortunately. Thanks for your help so far


i have the same problem in one of my files, i tried comparing the settings to the all the files i have but i couldn't find any difference, and for me it stuck on updating, once it finish updating it start updating for a second time ! im not sure whats going on 


I have the same problem

AC 25 NED 6000 | WIN 11 | i9 + 32GB + RTX 2080TI


I would also like to disable the auto updating without having to individually indicate which ones update automatically or not. 

It would be very nice having a more automatic/interactive way in which the software interacts with the user on when its convenient to update and when its not.



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