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Converting a very old template to 25 and Legacy Settings

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Hi all.


Im setting up a new template in 25.

the old template was created way back in 16 and each time a new release of AC came out the template was just opened in the new version and saved.


This time I've created the template from scratch. I have copied and pasted the elements from the old template into the new and have noteiced that the walls and roofs (and there may be others) only display correctly when Legacy Settings are turned on.


whilst this is a fine work around I am concerened that Legacy setting may not be supported in the future and therefore I would like to fix this so Im not required to rely on this setting.


So why do the walls and roofs display incorrectly in AC25?


And what do I have to do so they display correctly?


Also, the walls are all the same composite, just a difference surface is assigned to the wall on the left though it seems without the Legacy setting the walls and roof are missing their outlines.

The surface on the left wall is correctly displayed but the missing outline makes them "invisible"


Old Template:

Old TemplateOld Template


New Template. Ive selected the roof and wall as they were otherwise not visible.

New TemplateNew Template




There could be many reasons given there are 9 releases between to consider. It would be impossible to assess from just two 2D images. I you uploaded your template then someone running AC25 may be able to identify the display issue.

Apple iMac macOS Monterey / AC25UKI (most recent builds)

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