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Core / Finishes / Other in composites

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Hello again users,

I am working on a renovation project and I wanted to take advantage of the possibility to filter and show separate components of the composite walls via correctly tagging the composite wall's components.
The building has brick veneer walls and I wanted to tag as 'other' the central component corresponding to a air cavity. I just realized that, that component has to either be a 'core' or a 'other'. If I chose 'core' I can use select the others as 'finishes', but if I chose 'other', the adjacent following component becomes 'other' as well.

I guess the software assumes that a middle component must be a core. Not sure.
In this particular instance is not a deal breaker because a cavity would look transparent, therefore the drawing would look correct, however when the model would need to be exported and given to the engineer, the cavity will be shown as 'core' in their model.

Is there perhaps anything wrong in what I am doing or I should post this in the wish list?

Thank you


Barry Kelly
You will have to make it a wish.
Any composite skin between two other core skins must be a core itself at present.

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