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Correct door and window opening operation / hinge points locations or behaviors


One bit of output I'd like to get out of Archicad but haven't figured out yet; using the Archicad 25 library, hinged doors all hinge from the inside corner of the hinged face of the door frame with no separation. This does not reflect reality. A standard door hinge's pivot point is projected out a short distance from the door frame. The reason to do this is so that the door doesn't intersect with its own casing or other wall elements. 

Am I correct that there's no way to offset the hinge point of door slabs to an accurate distance? Coming from the world of solid/ non-parametric modelling (although, have been using Archicad off and on for 10+ years), this is a super easy fix in sketchup, but seemingly impossible with Archicad. 

I'm not concerned about whether the hinge is visible. I would just like to get the slab/sash and opening line to be in the right place in plan and not have a door slab intersecting casement or wall cladding in 2d or 3d.

Same goes for casements and awning windows, but less of an issue because they are rarely shown opening more than 90 degrees and you'd need to make a nested hinge.

One option: The door representation could be fixed by turning the slab/sash off in the opening object, modelling an independent slab/ sash object with or without modelled hinge, and placing it with the correct object. However that probably messes up any door or window schedule output.





Parliament Hinge or an Accordion Hinge for your door Panel / Leaf.


You might be able to open the door object and insert a custom 2D symbol of your liking. This would be static though, and I do not recall if this has priority over the 2D script or not...




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The BIM all doors from Dormakaba can do this.

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