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Create a Fly-Through command & Move an AC object concurrent?


Has anyone had success using the ArchiCAD command Creating a Fly-Through & been able to move an ArchiCAD object within the fly through concurrently ?

I have a work around process that requires exporting a series of movies and then assembling them in iMovie.

However, I thought perhaps someone has done this using the Terminal scripting outside AC, or run other AC fly-through sub-routines, or other obscure work-arounds.

Michael |:-)
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Karl Ottenstein
Objects can respond to the GDL global for the frame number, and the fly through will show the objects moving as long as the option is ticked to rebuild for every frame in the fly through dialog.

See the GDL Reference Guide in the Documentation folder of your AC installation in the Misc section - Global Variables > Fly-through information (page 292 of the English AC 18 GDL guide): GLOB_FRAME_NR in particular, but there are others. Every object that you want animated must be hand-modified. A lot of work.

10 to 15 years ago, lots of people were doing this, but I haven't seen any recent discussion. Technique has not changed. but I think most people are animating objects in Artlantis, C4D and other external packages now as it is far less complex than modifying objects and you have better control on an animation timeline than trying to compute what an object should be doing at a specific frame.
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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Also, here are some links for this topic from which you can find out how to do this:
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Thank you Karl and Laszlo.

Your links and information will keep me busy for a while to come,

... and perhaps produce some more efficient animated objects in a fly around
Michael |:-)
AC 4.5 - 19 Build 3003 Full USA
Mac OSX 10.10

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