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Deleted or hidden geometry exported from AC to Artlantis

Karl Wir_n
the export from AC18 to Artlantis 4.1 is not working as perfect as in earlier AC versions. The new odd behavior I'm experiencing is: geometry that is recently deleted or belongs to layers that were switched off a few working steps back is exported to Artlantis along with the content that was intended to be exported. The model looks perfect from all angles in Archicads 3d-window but ends up a mess in Artlantis.
I've tried altering a lot of settings to see if there was anything that could solve the problem. My conclusion is that in AC18, I have to force the 3d-window to update prior to exporting to Artlantis (close the 3d-window and do some fake changes in 2d or switch story or whatever that makes the 3d-model rebuild from scratch).

All this works OK but I would like to know if this is a behavior that other users have noticed.
If so, is Archicad/Abvent working on a solution?

I must also mention another export issue in AC18 to Artlantis: the surface names (old "materials") are clipped if they exceed a certain number of characters. This means that surfaces that are separated by the last characters in Archicad become one in Artlantis. I've had to rename my entire surface library. No warnings about this change can be found in the documentation for the export plug-in.

Med vänliga hälsningar
Karl Wirén

I've had this problem as well with ArchiCAD18 export to 3ds Max and even to Sketchup.

Basically the export as .3ds (and even .obj) file formats as well will export the model with multiple copies of recently deleted or recently edited objects .
In the case of the latter, if I Was editing a slab for example and adjusted an edge, then reduced the thickness and then moved or elevated the slab, and export from that point would result in 3 copies of the same slab at each state of modification.

It is incredibly annoying and frustrating especially when you're not aware of where objects are being duplicated and they only show up as artifacts and errors when rendering due to coplanar faces.

I thought the problem would be fixed with the recent hotfix but like with some of the other AC18 issues (the mega-crash of death resulting in having to reboot your computer to use ArchiCAD again, that I mentioned in another thread) it seems like it was missed or not fixed at all.

This is a really serious problem that Graphisoft should look at fixing since it affects information exchange with other offices and other people that may need to see the 3D model in the most generic file formats like .3ds, .obj or .dwg

Edit: I didn't read about your 'solution' regarding updating the 3D window, but now that I've seen it, it seems to make sense since AC18 generally has a problem with updating the 3D Window with various changes you make - like when you change a material or surface setting, you have to literally change the material of a different object or the same object to something else before the surface or material you changed, updates in the 3D Window.
I'm guessing the same case applies with the 3D window updating modified Geometry where you manually have to update the 3D window and force it to flush the memory cache and only show the most recent change or state of the model.

Again, a serious problem and bug IMO, that really needs to be addressed ASAP.

Fran_ois Chatelain
I've run into a similar problem when exporting *.3ds files.
My take on this issue is that the 3d window buffer doesn't "flush" properly and keeps on adding to the previous generated 3d view.
My workaround is to physically close the 3 d window, rebuild the 2d one and regenerate the 3d view before exporting.
Quite annoying actually...
This needs to be looked at very soon.

François Chatelain
Worldwide Digital Imaging
Formerly posting as RanXerox
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Just want to say that we at the office are having the same problem, very annoying indeed.

Karl's solution works though...


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