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Demo wall veneer

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We are working on a renovation project and plan to retain an exterior wall that is made of a basic stud wall + brick veneer. We are keeping the stud wall but demolishing the brick. Is there a way to show this using renovation status?


Karl Ottenstein
There is no renovation filter control over composite skins, unfortunately (a much wished-for feature).

You can fake your situation is to flag the brick in the composite dialog as a 'finish' for Partial Structure Display (PSD) and to turn off finishes in your PSD settings for the renovation plans. (If you have other finishes that need to be displayed, then you'd need to overlay multiple views on your Layout: a view with finishes off and only the layers for your exterior walls on overlaid on top of a view with the other required layers and with finishes 'on'. Some intersections could be less than ideal.
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