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Different output for same schedule



I wonder if anyone can help me with regards to an issue we are having where a Team file is showing 2 different outputs for the same data for different users.

I have created a property which takes the width and height of an opening in mm divides it by 100 to get decimeters and rounds to the nearest whole number or .5 increment to give us an output that meets local conventions (eg a 1390 x 2790 opening will result in 14 x 28).  Our problem is that the result is different depending on who is viewing the result (it appears in opening label markers and schedules).

I am on a PC and using AC24 INT version and everything works perfectly as I had intended, however one of my colleagues who is preparing the schedules and is working on a MAC with AC24 FIN version is getting a result with a decimal instead of straight whole numbers  (examples are attached)


I thought it may be Work Environment causing the problem but seems we are both using the same Architectural Profile 24 work environment, so am now a bit stumped for possible reasons why we get differnt results.


Any thoughts would be most appreciated.



Tony Fitzpatrick
Head of BIM

Co-Founder / CEO

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

Could it be differences in Dimension Unit preferences or Calculation Unit preferences between the two machines?

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And if that is not it I would look at the thousands delimiter in your operating systems.

I see one has 1,390 and the other has 1 390

I am not sure if that will make a difference.



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I have tried adjusting all of the measurement settings I can find but still to no avail.  BUT it gets even stranger, we have the same issue on another project, where there is a similar disceprency but instead of just being the digit with a decimal and trailing 0 it is returning a number 1000 times higher than expected.  That in itself is easy enough to resolve I just created another property to replicate the previous one but instead of multiplying the dimension by 10 I divided it by 100.  BUT that isn't even the really strange bit...  Different computers produce different results when quantifying windows in the same schedule, so 1 computer returns a sum of 128 of a particular window type while other computers in same schedule returns 112.

Initially I thought it might have been a Mac vs PC issue but tried on another PC which got same results as the Macs, so it is 3 to 1 in the output stakes with the 1 PC (mine) returning a result that matches a schedule run previously in the project which is supposedly correct.


I have tried checking all of the things that I can think of that would cause such a discrepency but with no luck.  Any Ideas about what might be happening ?

Tony Fitzpatrick
Head of BIM

Co-Founder / CEO

You say “measurement settings” which I don’t know what that means….but did you specifically go to the Calculation Units preference within Archicad?  Those settings are global per user… they are not part of either the work environment or any view.

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Yes we have checked those.  What is most worrying now is how 2 different machines can count the same objects and come up with different results with exactly the same settings


Tony Fitzpatrick
Head of BIM

Co-Founder / CEO

I think I have got to the bottom of the miscounting "problem" it is likely due to the property which is not acting correctly on other machines.  it is set to give an opening measurement in decimeters eg a 600 wide opening returns a 6 as ts width so any opening from 551-649mm wide will be seen as 6 wide by Archicad, but on the other computers where the result is 1000 times out it is splitting those 551 - 649mm wide openings into more granular groups as the rounding function doesn't work due to the size of the resulting numbers...  So now just to solve why the numbers themselves are different.

Tony Fitzpatrick
Head of BIM

Co-Founder / CEO

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