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Disapearing Elevations

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I was projecting an elevation this morning, then had to change one thing. After that, the elevation came up blank, as did 7 out of 8 of my elevations. Just in case my change was the problem, I got the back-up file from before, which had projected the elevation fine just an hour before, and tried again. Blanks all around, even though it was the unaltered file and should not behave differently.

However, one elevation consistently projected, with no difference in settings that I could detect between those that did not, so the file was capable of producing elevations.

I tried all the usual things, re-starting the server, archiCAD the computer, etc. Even tried on three different machines--no difference.

Can anyone help?

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I guess you can consider the data lost in case you don't have a backup. It might have something to do with hardware issues (damaged memory card) or a not up-to-date ArchiCAD.

Good luck . . .

Erika Epstein
By any chance did you select the problematic section markers and change their setting to zero depth or something else that might cause the sections not to be cutting through the model?
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Laszlo Nagy
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Community Admin
If you create another brand new Elevation at the same place as one of your Elevations, does that work correctly? Because if it does the problem may be in the Elevation Settings.
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