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Distant area on elevations

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Hi Guys
Can anyone tell me if you can make a distant area on a side elevation. See pics below. Ive done it on a front elevation where it remains free standing.
I need to make the hatched area in the side elevation as the distant area


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I'm not quite clear what you mean by "side elevation". All elevations and sections can have a distant area. It will always be perpendicular to the viewpoint and straight (it cannot step like the section cut line).

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With the section cut line. can you have 2 different distant areas where the section line cuts or is it still one distant area over the entire length of the section marker.


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One line, no stepping.

Unless this is something new in 13 that I've missed.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
No, nothing new on this front in AC13.
Kev, you may have to use some trick to achieve the desired effect.
Either creating another Elevation and copy-pasting stuff from there or creating two Elevations and placing them together on a Layout.
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An easy fix would be to change the fill you've already used to a 50%,
make the fill pen a white and bring it to the front!
It keeps your line thickness but greys it out!
I've used 50% and 75% in the past to break up 3 different depths
(the forward section not being fill covered) with reasonable results!

It's not quick but in a pinch it works ok!

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Thanks for all you help


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