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Enlisting Rooms in a single cell in a Schedule




I'm doing a window and door schedule. In some cases, a single door type is used in different rooms and in my schedule I have to show room names to which the each door type is applied. I'm trying to add "Related Room Name" as a field in the schedule but this then differentiates the doors and lists them into to separate doors. I'd like to be able to keep that one door type into one column and the Related Room Names to be enlisted within one cell. So far, my work around is to just type in the rooms in a Custom Text Field. Please see attached.


Thanks in advance!


Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 3.21.33 PM.png

John Carlos
AC25 | iMac 2019

Rajesh Patil

Try to use Zones to each room and later in schedule use the Flag option for Zone field in listing

Zone Flag.png

Rajesh Patil
AC 09-26 | INT | WIN11 64
Dell Inspiron 7591, Core i9, 9880H 2.30GHz, 16.0GB, NVidia GeForce GTX1650, 4.0GB, SSD Internal 500GB, Dell SSD External 250GB

Hi Rajesh,


Thank for the response. One request, can you show me the end result? I tried creating the schedule as per your setting but it didn't combined the Zone Names.

John Carlos
AC25 | iMac 2019

Barry Kelly

In version 25 there is a new option to merge cells in a schedule.

Add the 'Related Room Name' field and then make sure that you tick the box to 'Merge Items'.

Now in your column or row headings (depends how you have set your schedule up) the will be a 'Merge Options' button.

If you select 'Uniform or various' then the unique items in that row/column will be ignored and will simply list all the values in one field.

If you want you can add a count for the number of items as well.






One of the forum moderators.
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You're a life saver!!


Thanks, Barry!!

John Carlos
AC25 | iMac 2019

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