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Entourage arts

Got this email today:




Susan Sorger

Entourage Arts


Note: Higher Resolution Images, or additional images are available on request.

Entourage Arts Releases Non Photorealistic (NPR) Content 4 Collections include People, Trees and Plants, Skies

Thornhill, ON Canada, June 13, 2005 --- Entourage Arts today announced the availability of the Wang Wang Collection of NPR (Non Photorealistic Rendering) Trees & Plants Volume 1 as well as a re-release of NPR People Volume 1 and NPR Trees & Plants Volume 1 with over 3 times the previous content. A Mini Pak of 3 watercolor skies is also introduced. Wang Wang is a Shanghai Illustrator with a bold, loose watercolor style. The rest of the collections, consisting of more traditional hand rendered and masked entourage, were created by Entourage Arts, a Canadian-based firm specializing in content for architectural illustration.

Image from NPR People Volume 1 CD jacket by Susan Sorger of Entourage Arts: Showcasing People and Trees & Plants included in Volumes*

Image from Wang Trees & Plants Volume 1 CD jacket by Wang Wang: Showcasing Trees & Plants included in Volume*

The collections contain hand painted people, trees, plants and skies that were digitized at high resolution and published in PNG file format, a highly compressed, lossless format supported by most 3d modeling and rendering applications. The entourage cut-outs range from 650 to over 2000 pixels of image data and are designed to meet the most demanding digital rendering needs.

Now You Can Digitally Create the Look of a Watercolor at a Fraction of the Cost and Time

“As an Illustrator creating digital NPR renderings using applications such as SketchUP®, Piranesi®, and Photoshop®, I was frustrated with the lack of any 2D NPR entourage to match the NPR capabilities of the software” states Susan Sorger, founder and President of Entourage Arts. “Photorealistic entourage, the only option available on the market, looked jarringly incompatible with the rendering and no amount of experimentation with filters or plug-ins created any satisfactory results. I started creating hybrid illustrations using painted people and trees, scanning and masking. I don’t think my clients ever realized the kind of time I spent creating their renderings. My effective hourly rate dropped to almost nothing. So many people urged me to market these so they too could create “digital watercolors” with little effort, that Entourage Arts was born. What we have packaged in these volumes is far superior in quality to anything that I had time for in my own illustrations.”

“NPR has become a hot topic in design visualization and these collections are ideally suited to address those needs. Designers are finding that some clients respond more positively to NPR renderings.”

What We Are Really Selling is Increased Leisure Time

“Not only are we selling a unique high quality product, we are very aware that what we are really selling is time. We have considered the customer’s need to save time and to work quickly and efficiently in every aspect of our product. For Piranesi users, WINDOWS® and MAC®, we have included Style Files with predefined heights and insertion points.

Where placement of a cutout in a 3D environment causes a body part to be obscured, such as an arm that should be overhanging a railing, we have provided the extra part precut and pre-masked. The image of a woman walking her dog (considered 2 pieces of content) is provided in various ways:

1. Woman with the leash

2. Woman without the leash

3. Dog

4. Long leash

5. Short Leash.

Our file naming conventions inform as to the ethnicity of the person or the species of vegetation. While Business People and Casual People are found within the same folder, the naming conventions list all the Business People first followed by Casual People. The same logic is used to group listings of flowers, plants and coniferous, deciduous and tropical trees. We are endeavoring to make the use of our product as easy as possible.

Pricing and Availability

Ø NPR People Volume 1 (112 people ( ½ Business & ½ Casual) within 104 pieces, and additional bonus “parts”) and NPR Trees and Plants Volume 1 (121 pieces) are available now for a suggested retail price of US$139 each. A bundle of both collections is available for US$259.

Purchasers of the original volumes should contact Entourage Arts for upgrade pricing.

Ø The Mini Pak of 3 customizable Skies is US$16 and available only for download.

Ø The Wang Wang NPR Trees & Plants Volume 1 (112 pieces) also retails for US$139.

To view the collections or to order, visit or call Entourage Arts at

1-(888) 228-4441 or (905) 709-3282.

About Entourage Arts

Entourage Arts was founded in May of 2004 and is located in Thornhill, a suburb of Toronto Ontario in Canada. We are dedicated to providing Architects and Architectural Illustrators with quality Non Photorealistic Entourage Elements for use in conceptual or formal renderings.

We plan to expand our collection rapidly to meet various style and project needs.

*All included images are Copyright © 2005 Entourage Arts or Wang Wang

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If someone geographically near can confirm that the offer is genuine ... it is great!

ArchiCAD since 4.55 ... 1995
HP Omen

Karl Ottenstein
Djordje wrote:
If someone geographically near can confirm that the offer is genuine ... it is great!
Well, I'm geographically closer to Susan than you are, so I suppose that counts? 😉

Yes, genuine offer, with special discounted coupon codes reproduced here by attachment, good through June 30.

Susan Sorger and Wang Wang are 'stars' of the Piranesi forums; Susan is active on the SketchUp forums as well. (I even met her in person at the AIA Expo in Las Vegas.)

The high resolution of these cutouts, as well as the careful masking and hand-painted artwork, make them stand out. A few free samples can be downloaded from her site.

One concept behind Susan's and Wang Wang's NPR cutouts and painted backgrounds is that they trick the eye into believing that a NPR rendering is completely hand painted.

Any cutouts are most easily placed using Piranesi. They work well in Photoshop too, of course - but you have to handle scaling and shadows yourself.

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Have received promotional copies of these - very nice for sketchy renderings.....
Dwight Atkinson

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