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Experiencing troubles with Print Layer abilities

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Hello, I'm David from France,

Well, I just tried last week to use the ArchiCADs internal print layout options to set my File which I'm usually use to do on InDesign. I didn't use this abilities before and I just (by no idea how) make the layout appear on the main project pages including level. ( The working space). By default, the layout is shown on screen, in violet (as seen on the screen caption)

I'm absolute not able to kick off this layer out from my view! The "object" is locked, obviously I can edit it on the special page but I can't nor edit, move or delete it on the main page (the working space)! I even do not understand how I could center the maps in the layout...

Anyway, I want it to be deleted...

The probleme is that I'm obviously very very in a hurry about printing the project, and in this state I can't do anything more than, crying...

Could anyone of you, used to use the layout abilities, just help me before I start being very very bad with my iMac who is of course not responsible of anything?

The best for you...

Karl Ottenstein
What it seems you are seeing is that the layout is set as your "Trace Reference". Simply turn off the trace reference and you will see your model as you expect.
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