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Export C4d

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Export to C4d

We worked with this great DIN 3D addons that worked very well for many years
We had a continuous workflow
But today impossible to find a solution
We are told about BIM from ........
I am not a programmer but it must not be very complicated to create this kind of plugin
We were exporting our scene, the textures '' vray '', and the updates worked it kept the textures '' vray "but now your solutions do not work ....

I am very angry because we are 10 people at the agencies who have this problem at the price that costs archicad 22 and c4d: evil:
I'm sorry for this bad mood but we're losing a lot of time
Thank you if you have a solution

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Hi. I’ve been also working with din3D for years, but now, i’ve upgraded to archicad 22 so it doesn’t work anymore. I’ve tried to find a way to deal with graphisoft exporter. It’s a bit longer but it kind of do the job:

The trick is to merge the .c4d exported files into a first file and then import it into a second file as a xref.

1. Into a new c4d document, merge the exported .c4d file. (I just keep geometry and material) and then combine (Pipeline>Combine)
(1bis) for an update, delete everything under de “Master” null and then merge+combine

2. File cleaning: i use a free script to rename polygons as their parent null. (in the object manager click the top right “eye” to see the filters - under objects, right click Polygon to select all)

Then use the script A_simple-object -renamer to rename them all (use the “after parent” option)
Then I fold all, select all the nulls et do a “delete without children”.
My file is like this now:

3. In a new file, import it as a “xref”
- Make sure you have “show object” and “Loaded” checked and “generator” unchecked.
- under “xref” options:
reference tab: name space > none ; auto match > unchecked
import tab : check all
modify: check all
(This step as to be done only once, the first time, after you just have to reload the xref)

4. You can now modify or replace materials. If you reload the xref, materials remain.

That the best I can do for now

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thank you for your help
I will look at it
But I do not know if it works for me
As I apply textures 'vray' and on the updates the textures 'vray' disappear

There is a good solution I used for years but not sure if it works with Cinema4D. Have a look if this could be helpful.

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Carstenem wrote:
There is a good solution I used for years but not sure if it works with Cinema4D. Have a look if this could be helpful.
No. It’s just for 3DS

In order to simplify the process, i’ve written a script to automate a few steps. It cleans up filenames too.
So, now you work like that:

1. Open the exported .c4d file. Run my script. Save and close.
2. Import the xref as before, or update it.

It’s a WIP, feedback welcome

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Thank you
I will watch next week

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Din3D is available again. Check it...

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