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Exporting Sheets to PDF, a single sheet is only partially exporting

Tristan B

Question that is absolutely stumping me; I have a small bathroom renovation in Archicad 25, and when I export everything looks fine except for a single sheet. It shows as blank save for the title block and the Demo/New plans, but on this sheet ONLY it refuses to show the RCPs or interior elevations. I can't find anything that's different in the settings between this sheet and the others but refuses to export those views. 


Anyone had a similar problem or can think of a box somewhere I need to check/uncheck? 


Gerry Leonor

are the placed drawings in the same layer as all the other drawings in other layouts?


you may be publishing with a certain layer combo, or have a Custom Layer Combo set that turns off the layer that those drawings have been placed in. in most cases, we have our drawings in the Archicad layer because we don't usually care about layer combos for our Layouts. Although i personally have a layer combo set for Drawing publishing.

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Hi Gerry, 

After a bunch of fiddling the issue actually was coming from Adobe Acrobat somehow. Opening in Bluebeam or Edge and everything showed up perfectly, but only in Adobe (the go-to PDF program) do the images solely on Sht A2.2 vanish. So I guess Archicad is working fine atm but that was a very weird issue. I'll definitely keep your custom layer combo set info in the back of my head, sounds like something I'd enjoy for drawing publishing as well. 

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