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Faster Rendering / Overclocking

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Hello my goal currently is to reduce the "time" it takes to complete a photorender using Lightworks
ideally this would help our office producer high quality rendered movie paths overnight without running overtime.

currently AC & Computer spec as in my sig (obviously limitations there with AC11 and no multithreadding)
I have done timed renders, and done render races on the same file and same photorender image settings with other colleages in the office.

Also using windows 64bit and AC11 and attempting to change the Priority or Affinity, using the Windows Task Manager>Processes
doesnt allow the Priority or Affinity to be increased which is odd as it was possible using 32bit XP windows and this helped dramatically improving render times!!!

currently: 1min 44sec to render the image

Firstly i have tried overclocking the GPU (using msi afterburner)
and increased the core clock from 715MHz to 850 MHz (25% increase)
and increased the memory clock from 1800MHz to 1875MHz
unfortunately the cards/software dont allow for increasing the voltage or power.

The Result: No Difference 1min 44 sec

I assume the next step is to look for overclocking the CPU and or RAM
as the colleage in the office with naturally higher CPU MHz
achieved the fastest render 1min 22 sec on the same exact file and render settings. (also the exact same graphics cards in SLi)

If you have tried anything similar i would like to hear your results!

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