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Floor planks issue

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Hi All,

I am having trouble applying surface to each floor plank uniquely. Although i have tried to draw each plank individually, the surface is still mirrored horizontally in CineRender across the floor. my image size is 1220x180 pixels, plank size is 1220 x 180 mm. Please help (image attached). Thank you.

Steve Jepson
if you use a non-repeating texture you don't need to model each piece individually. you can adjust the size of the pattern. However, if you do for some reason want to model each piece individually you can probably get a better rendering result. Make yourself a complex profile of the flooring and duplicate a texture several times and tweak each one a bit. ?

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Might be worth turning on Random Origin as I think textures are based off the Global Origin instead of the surfaces Local Origin. I think this would work best if your texture is larger than your board size. Since your texture matches your board size, this might not work very well...


You could go through with each object and set a new origin for the texture. Document => Creative Imaging => Align 3D Texture => Set Origin. Though if you're selecting the same point on each board with the same texture, they will all look the same... If that's not an issue, then you only really need to do this with a number of boards equal to your offset, then array them.

On this note, I wonder if we'll see something like 3ds Max's Multitexture in CineRender. Did wonders for creating non-repetitive patterns in conjunction with tools like FloorGenerator. Both by CG-Source.

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