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Generic Label 18

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The arrow function does not work.

Also, will it ever be possible to schedule independent labels? This would make simple keyed notes very, very easy.

Eduardo Rolon
For the arrow you need to uncheck Use "Symbol Arrow", for the other option I usually place a copy of the label on a story so that i can be scheduled.
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Vectorworks 2022

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another question about the generic label 18.
is is possible to wrap the text?

Without wrapping the long IFC description labels, which are so handy, become awkward to fit graphically on the drawing.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
As I check the settings I do now see such a field, but I agree with you that this would be a good and important parameter from a usability standpoint.
I will forward this as a wish to Graphisoft.
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Tim Ball
I am using the generic label tool and also find the lack of text wrap a problem. Please add that feature GS.

However the way the label tool works generally needs a bit of an overhaul for a few reasons:

If you are automatically labelling different element types, you have to set up the label for each, but then if you save it as a favourite, the additional tags set up is not saved in that favourite

The only way to get access to the sorted version of the additional tags is firstly to pick show all, then pick sorting. The sorting function does not work first time.

It would also be good to avoid the need to set up the additional tags options in both menus as you have to now; firstly in the symbol label options, then in the additional tags options

This is potentially a really powerful tool and I hope GS will give this high prioiitry
Tim Ball

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Yeh i agree, this opens up so many ways to document and still retain a co-ordinated model.

An option to combine the lines of text into a string with a delimeter such as a commer would also help the notes match the style of a regular documentation note.

Thinking out loud, it would be great if you could use this functionality the same way auto text can be used. Like so

Text text text ifc note, text text dimension text.

This would give great flexibility without requiring a complicated interface.

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And thanks for forwarding the wish lasz

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Hi has there been an update to the generic label?
Can you add selectable frame shapes to the list of must haves for this label?!
We are are using IFC for labelling + scheduling so this label is essential!

It is possible to wrap the text in a custom label using GDL paragraph text and it shouldn't be too difficult for GS to implement other than arriving at the initial paragraph width.
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