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Glass Settings

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I am looking for a good glass texture setting for a glass table i'm doing. I really need to have the edge of the glass define to give it a realistic feel of glass used for coffee tables.
If someone can post there settings used in previous renderings would be greatly appreciated. I have posted a pic of a rendering done by a fellow architalk member. I need my glass to look similiar to what they used in their rendering.

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I don't think a single texture/material setting will get the results you seek. LightWorks in ArchiCAD does not handle the refraction necessary to get the dark edges. You could try using a slab with a light glass material for the top and bottom and a darker one for the edges.

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Yes, see Dwight's book, Lightworks in ArchiCAD Page 159. Just what you're after. Standard glass material on the top and bottom surfaces, high refraction glass with a green tint for the edges (slab).

It is worthwhile to point out that this approach can't be easily applied to a library object table because of the difficullty of remapping materials on the glass table top. A GDL guy could do it, but it is a fair piece of work.

If you use a plain old slab as the table top, however, it becomes easy.
Dwight Atkinson

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I'm actually building my coffee table using the slab tool so i guess applying those textures should not be hard.

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