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Graphic scale on Layouts?

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I need an object that can sense the drawings scale placed on a layout and return the correct graphic scale in the corner of my master layout. I realize that each individual drawing can have a graphic scale, but in this case, the CAD manager would like to make this a "sensing" object that will return the correct scale. If there are drawings of differing scales, it would return nothing and the individual drawing scales can be used.

Is it possible for GDL to sense the scale of a placed drawing? Is there an object like this out there already?

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I don't think there is any way to get the drawing scale in an independent part on the layout the way you want. Possible workarounds:

1. A dummy drawing (no content and/or off the layout) set to the scale you want.

2. A simple drawing scale part that lets you set the scale manually.

I wouldn't expect to see anything that can poll the drawings to see if they are all at the same scale. Short of this any solution will be semi-automatic at best.

David Shorter
Does it really need a specific graphical scale for one and not all placed drawings?
It seems to me that the important thing is that the recipient knows if the printed sheet is at the correct SIZE. The scale can be stated or drawn for each view if multiples. Our template has a vertical and horizontal SIZE bar stating the correct size when printed at full size (say 100mm when printed at full size)
There are two issues (it seems to me) and these are
1 Is the layout printed at a real size? and
2 Are the vertical and horizointal sizes (proportions) correct.
If you Fax the proportions may not be maintianed
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You could probably find a way to do that through the API, assuming you know both C++ and GDL and have tons of time to spend programming.

Otherwise, no.
Tom Waltz

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