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Highschooler who needs rendering help...

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Hello everyone, I'm new to these forums. I have been interested in architecture ever since I was in 1st grade. Freshman year I taught myself Autocad, and I used that for awhile. About a year ago I switched over to Archicad, and most recently I'm starting to use Artlantis to render....

However, I'm currently working on a hotel, and well, it took 30 hours to render the below picture:

I was wondering if someone has a rendering farm, or something that is super super fast could render 10 scenes for me in 1920x1200. I could send you the file, and you could send me back the pictures. I know its asking a lot, but if someone could do that, it would really mean a lot.


Karl Ottenstein
Artlantis does not use render farms. But, your image should not take 30 hours - more appropriate settings should give faster results. You might want to go to the Artlantis forums and post information about the rendering settings you're currently using - possibly even posting a zip of your atl file there for people to examine.

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Ok, thanks.

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