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How to unlink a Master imported from another file?


Hi all,


Hoping someone can help! I imported Masters into my Layout Book from another file, instead of just creating new masters and copy-pasting from the other project.

Now when I open drawings using those Masters, it's 'updating', and sometimes even opening the old file I imported from, when I open the new layouts using said masters.

The old file is coming up as 'linked' to this new project. How can I unlink this old project while keeping the masters I still need?


Using Archi20


Thanks! Belinda


Barry Kelly

It is not the Master that is linking - that is now a part of your new file.

It is the drawings on that master that are linking to the old file still (external link).


Open the Drawing Manager, look for any file that does not have an "Internal" path.

If it is 'Placed To' a master layout, you can then right click it and choose to link to an internal view - assuming you have an equivalent internal view to match.


Or you can open the Master layout and select any drawing on it, right click it and link internally.


Or if you can just delete the drawings and add another new internal view (drawing) in its place.




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Thank you so much, this was incredibly helpful!

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