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I want to change this black line to gray.






AC25 5010 on window 11

Lee Hankins

You need to be more specific. Is it all lines you want to change or just the window or just the wall? Do you want it to display grey all the time or just as a temporary override?

Lee Hankins
macOS Monterey (12.5)

I am only going to apply it to the window sign floor plan.



The black line above is tied together with Pen 63 on the window.
So I think the only way I can do it is to treat the window as a single Pen.
It's my best.
I'd appreciate it if you could suggest a better way.


AC25 5010 on window 11

Barry Kelly

That won't be something you can change with a Graphic Override.

GOs affect the entire element - so either the entire wall will have to change or the entire window will have to change.


It is probably the pen used for the skin end lines in your wall composite.

So you can probably go into the composite settings and change it there.





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I know this way too.
But this also affects the floor plan...
I am only going to apply it to the window sign floor plan.

AC25 5010 on window 11


This part is controlled by GDL, so in theory it is possible to change it there. As Barry mentioned it is currently inhibited by the pen of the composite's skin end line. That pen is requested from the window you've used.

In practice however we all know that the GS macros for windows are a big jungle... even the most obstinate coder will faint at some point.

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Thank you

What you said is controlled by GDL
1. Set one or more parameters for the Black Line Pen.
how to change number in gdl by creating
2. Read GOC from gdl and change it
3. You need to think of a way to let the api change parameters.
All of these methods do not affect existing doors or windows.
In other words, the prerequisite is that existing windows and doors must not be used.

I think it will be difficult unless graphicsoft makes it.

AC25 5010 on window 11

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

You may also try to play around with Pen Set: create a new Pen Set and modify those Pens to gray. That way you may not have to redefine Composite Pens, modify library part Pen parameter value or apply Graphic Overrides. If you select your Pens properly then a new Pen Set may work.

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ah! There was a way like this.
thank you.

AC25 5010 on window 11

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