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In Elevations/Sections >> FadeDistantElements..


Hi guys, Do I get any chance to have multi-FadeDistantElements? Actually, My basic problem is I need to draw my elevation/sections with different Pen/LineWindths, I think to have multiple choice for FadeDistantElement, one more than, it'll be useful for me.. Whats your suggestion for elevation/section drew different Pen/LineWidths_??


Barry Kelly

Unfortunately we only have the one fade distance.


I was going to suggest separate elevations with limited distance for each distance range.

The second starting where the first distance limit stops, the third starting where the second limit distance stops.

Then set up pen sets that have reduced pen thicknesses.

Apply each pen set to the elevation views and then stack those on your layout.


Only problem is, the elevations that cut through you model will act as sections.


But maybe this will work?

Duplicate the elevation.

Increase the fade distance of the second elevation.

Use the standard pen set for the first elevation.

Use a different pen set for the second elevation that has reduced pen thicknesses.

Overlay the views on you layout page (drawings must have transparent background).


In this image I have moved the second elevation to the side for clarity.

They will actually be on top of each other.

The actual start and end (total distance) can be in different position to make selection easier.

But what is important is the beginning of the fade is in the same position.

You would hide the second elevation marker in a layer you can turn of so you don't see it on your plan.






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Would a transparent fill do the job?


Use a 50% fill with a white foreground pen and transparent background pen and cover the areas you want to fade in your elevation. You could try different percent values (or even grey scale) to get the required result.

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