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Is it possible to lock the layer state of a layout?

Jouko Piilola
I am working on a new company template (Archicad 16), and I'm trying to create a universal drawing title block, which could be used in all different types of drawings. I've created several layers for the title block, and the idea is to use layer states (Layouts - building permit, Layouts - preliminary design etc.) to control what information is visible in each drawing. The advantages are that the title block is always the same, it is fully automatic (with tailored autotext fields) and situated entirely on the master layout, and there is only one set of master layouts.
THE PROBLEM: I haven't found a way to lock the layer state for a single layout (or sheet set either): when I change the layer state for layouts it affects EVERY layout in the project. Therefore the layout layer state has to be checked manually every time before printing. Is there a solution to this or should I abandon the whole idea and settle for separate master layouts for all different title blocks?

Barry Kelly
Don't place your title block directly in the master.
Create a section or elevation (to the side of your model in the plan) and place the title bock in there.
You can even change the section/elevation status to be a "Drawing" rather than "Auto rebuild model" so it won't show anything other than the 2D information you place in it even if it does cut through your model.
This way you still have the entire title block in one location.

Now you can create views in the view map for your title block in the various layer states that you want.
Now place these views as drawings in your layouts or if you want to use them multiple times create a master and place the title block view on there.
But you will need a separate master for each of the different title block layers states (views) that you want.
So you will need more than one master.

Some versions back layout pages did have layer combinations associated with them if my memory serves me correctly (but it was a long time ago).
I think back in the old "Plotmaker" days - before we had the built-in layout books.


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Jouko Piilola
Thanks! Sounds a bit complicated but I'll give it a try...

Eduardo Rolon
Barry's is the right approach though instead of a section you can place the master items on a Worksheet.
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Layer combinations for different layouts would be useful. It would be very efficient to have one tiltle block master with all the various items required (on different layers), and then assign the layer combination to a particular layout.
This would save having several master layouts for all the various options.

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