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Labeling Zones in Sections + Labels using math expressions

Hi all!
I'm willing to create an automatic label to identify apartments in sections.

I have a building which is made of 20 floors of 13 apartments each. The repeating floor is a module that contain single apartments smaller modules. The apartment modules contain zones identifying rooms (bedroom, kitchen etc). The typical floor module contain bigger zones that overlap with those, that identify apartment names.

The apartment names should always be the floor number + 2-digit number. That could be 201 to 213 on 2nd floor, 1201, 1213 on 12th floor, and so on.

I think it is possible to compose the label text with the "Zone Number" of each apartment in the typical floor module, and the Number of the Floor in which that zone is. I firstly thought of labeling Zones in sections, but Archicad doesn't show zones in sections as it seems

But there's a way to identify the zone in which some element is, under the parameters of the automatic text, so I considered labeling some element in that zone (a wall for instance) and retrieving the zone number that way. But it isn't ideal, since zones eventually overlap (room zones + apartment perimeter zones).
That label puts together Floor Number + Related Zone Number, without spacing, creating a single number name with those.

In a very simple test it seems to work, but in my actual project it might not identify the room correctly due to the overlapping zones. So, my first issue is how do I label the zones in a section properly. (Being able to choose which zone I'm labeling)

Also, the project is already very much developed, and the 2nd floor is under the Floor Number 1, the 3rd floor under the floor number 2 and so on. How could I make an operation to add 1 to that number in my label? So my second issue is, math expressions aren't possible in label text? If yes, how I do it?

Very grateful to anyone who read through it
Hopefully there's a good way to solve the issue. Thanks in advance!
Architect / BIM Manager at Ideia1 -
Archicad 24 / Windows 10 64

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