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Labeling a Core, Others and Finish separatly in one composite wall


Hi guys,

im trying to find a solution for this situation: is there any option to have a separated automatic labels in one composite wall, one for the inside skins (whole package of skins), second for the core, etc.

It is hard to explain, but take a look at the picture in attachment.

I need this for my construction documents. So, I draw a wall as one composite (core+other+finish), but i have to labeled it with 3 different labels (one describing core, one describing lets say outside skins, one describing inside skins)

Im looking for some automatic way to do it. Maybe I have to make some new properties, or I could do with the expressions, i dont know, is there any way to do it.

I could draw like 3 walls, one is inside skins, one is core, and another is outside skins, and just give them different ids and then do id labeling, but I dont want to do in that way, i need one composite wall, with 3 different automatic labels.

Thank you a lot!


Gerry Leonor

the way we deal with wall types is to do that with 3 different walls:

  • one for the Conc wall
  • one for the PB with no insulation
  • and another for the PB with insulation

only the lightweight walls get tagged in one drawing (Lightweight Wall Setout Plans), while the Conc wall is tagged in another (Concrete & Masonry Plans).


the wall types are typed in the Element ID, but we grab the cladding/lining code of the exposed face of the wall using a modified Skin List Label 25 from Kevin in his response:

Solved: Building Material IDs in Labels - Graphisoft Community



this is just one way of tagging walls. i'm sure other people have their systems which might suit your wall type methodology more.

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That is absolutely possible. You just need a tiny bit of GDL coding, similar to this post. No need to draw three seperate walls. You could even couple it to an MVO setting!

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Hi guys, thank you a lot on feedback.

I found that the best way to achieve my goal, is to modify skin list label tool a bit. The problem is, im very noob in programming.

I want to make a skin list label that will call up building materials ids, but specific ones: One label is set up to call only outside skins building material ids up , just to array them all in one row. Second label is set up to call only inside skins building material ids up, and third one is set up to show only core skin building material id up.

I have tried the methods you mentioned in the post you referring to, and some other ways, but always end up with no success.

It seems to me it is a quite easy to achieve, just by changing few lines of code, but cant figured out yet.

Can you help me somehow?
Thank you, a lot

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