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Laser Cutting

I want to laser cut a roof but want some method for exporting a dwg file that is exactly what needs to be cut. For example a 5:12, 3:12 ploygon roof, laser cut so that they fit exactly. And even possibly the ridge edge cut to match (though that requires a special laser and 3d file or something, never tried to use a 5 axis laser before.).

Any suggestions about just laser cutting a roof, with conventional lasers, old wise Archicad-Talkers?
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I guess the real issue is that in Archicad or most parametric modeling platforms you either have plan, section, or 3d and some hybrid of those within the matrix, though the issue with cutting a roof or anything that isn't perpendicular to the viewing plane is triganotery. Thus if I look at a roof in plan/elevation it is only giving me the distance of the A or B side but not the C side or the hypotnos. Now with this explaination how would you do this.

Previous projects with crazy angles and cuts I took all the pieces out one by one into Cinema 4d used gravity and droped them to the ground so they were laying there like pieces on the ground after blowing up your model, then I took them back into Archicad and cut out the redundant lines created by the intersection of the pieces.

I have tried to take the object create a gdl version then rotate (via alterations to the gdl script).

In reality this shouldn't be that hard to figure out. Though this is where I think it becomes difficult for one to be totally autonomous with just Archicad and C4D. You can't just necessarily create a easy physical model from your Archiad using a CNC, LASER Cutter or 3d Printer! Can you?
Archicad 25 (5005), Windows 11, AMD RYZEN 7 3900 (64 GB RAM)

Karl Ottenstein
You could (tediously) view each roof plane in 3D by using the 'look to' button to get a perpendicular axo view of the roof, then make a 3D Document of that to export.

Alternatively, one of the nice things about Encina's various add-ons, such as FrameWright, is that anything that is tilted up can also be shown laid flat to generate cut lists. Of course, you would not be using the roof tool then...

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Erika Epstein
AC doesn't do what you want. I know other programs have this capability. You export from AC in .3DS format.
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Form Z takes planes and unfold/flattens them to make patterns for cutting.
Dwight Atkinson

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Maybe this can do the job.

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