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Layout Problems - "Window Background Pen" showing incorrect

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I am having what seems to be a project isolated problem (although somewhat recurring between a few projects).

We use the Window Background pen on our furniture to override our floor fills / cover fills. The problem we are having is when working on a layout (and adding text to a layout) the backgrounds appear black as opposed to our usual white.

This poses no problems in the model views as we work with different pen sets, but our layouts are in grayscale with texts normally black.

Can anyone let me know how to get the backgrounds (pen -1) to display as overides and not as black fills on the layout books?

Thanks in advance.

p.s. the text im editing in the SS is only visible because i have "highlighted it" when normally typing its black type on a black background - very annoying

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It's hard to recognise your issue with jpg file.
Can you email me a corner of that file in .pln? I'll go thru the setting and revert back to you.
Normally you would consider these issue:
1-Your pen set: can be different sets in View Map and Layout
2-You fill setting: try Transparent instead of Window background and or Empty fill.

I've experience these things already...but don't remember exact solution right now unless I sit in front of the file.


Erika Epstein
Check the model view options saved with these views. There is an option to show fills solid.

An aside: I when I want the background of an object or fill to hide what is behind it, I prefer to use the masking fill, white as it gives visual feedback that a mask is set to show. In the USA library the masking pen is 91. In the other versions it was changed, I think it's pen 28.

My screen background is similar to cream colored trace so the white shows clearly. If you have a white background, there is a a Work Environment setting User Preference Schemes> More Options> Automatic Pen Color Visibility Adjustment for Model Views which will gray one of the whites so the difference is still noticeable. It has no affect on printing.
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Rod Jurich
Erika wrote:
/...... In the other versions it was changed, I think it's pen 28./.....
Pen 19 Int
Rod Jurich
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I'm sorry, but I cannot upload the .pln due to company policy & copyrights. However the problem is that the black fill backgrounds should be appearing white (like the layout book, they do on 90% on our other jobs). If you look at the text box I have open in the jpg it has a black background and the text is actually black (you can only see it because I have selected it all in the edit mode).

Yes you are right that there are different sets used in View Map and Layout book, however the "Window Background" sits outside the realm of a user defined pen sets (you cannot set them when you create one from my experience). The use of 2 different pen sets is simply for easy lineweight recognition in the model views. We view our layouts in our grayscale print pen set.

I could set the backgrounds to transparent, but really it's probably more effort than it's worth.

I should be clear the black fill backgrounds are only appearing like that on the layout. In the model view we use black screen backgrounds and the text is appearing correctly, so its not a problem. The published drawings are printing correctly as well (no black fill backgrounds).

Erika Epstein

Model Views are ok - none of the fill overrides are set to solid.

Yes I have a colleague who uses a similar method for masking. However I find with a black screen background + white masks, makes reading line weight on the model view quite hard. (Its akin to this problem I'm having with these fills on the layouts).

Interestingly enough pen 19 in our pen set is just blank.

We're using AC 12 (Aus) now though...

Thanks for the help everyone, ill keep looking into it. Given the rare nature of the problem, and the fact that most of our other projects behave correctly, I'm still convinced it's a project specific setting somewhere.

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This may be useful as it touches on the issue; a good over view of how it applies in other windows also:

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