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Layout plans to DWG files

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Is there a way to export all the plans i have in a single layout to separate DWG files?
without having to make a special view map only for DWGs

the problem is that exporting a whole layout in DWG is really confusing with all the different scales and you have to do manual work to scale up or down each drawing so that you can measure accurately.

This would be really helpful

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I think what i am actually asking is if there is a way to export just the Xrefs and not the whole Layout.
Archicad does export the referenced view maps as Xrefs ofcourse along with the whole layout.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
So I guess you have already found the relevant settings in the "DXF-DWG Translation Setup" Dialog ("Save Layout into" and "Place Drawings into" fields).
However, to answer your last question, I think if you save a Layout as DWG/DXF, the Layout will always be saved, it is not possible to save only the Drawings placed onto it as DWG without saving the Layout as well.

Laszlo Nagy, Lead Moderator, Community Admin
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I frequently publish layouts to PDF and also separate Views to DWG files through publisher to simplify coordination at the other end. You can't consolidate the DWGs to a single file unless you have access to Autobad but the recipient can sort that out at their end if necessary anyway with block import.
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