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Linking to locked files

kevin b
We have many of our standard details in a locked file (locked in the info window on OSX) in order to avoid any "accidental" changes by less informed users. In AC9 we could link plotmaker to views in that locked file but in AC10 while we can link the views into a layout (really just placing empty boxes on the page) you get an update failed message whenever you try to update them. When a copy of the detail file was made and unlocked everything worked as you would expect.

Is there anyway to link and update from a locked file?
If not is that a bug or intentional?
Any work around other than having a separate locked file somewhere in order to fix any accidents made to the unlocked file we link to? (which is a management pain in the @$$)
kevin s burns, AIA

massachusetts, usa

AC24 (3008), since AC6

Windows 10

Intel Core i7 -8700 @ 3.2 GHz~ 16 GB ram

Thomas Holm
Haven't tried this, but I would test unlocking the file but lock all layers within it.
AC4.1-AC24SWE-25INT; OSX11.5; MP5,1+MBP16,1

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