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Make zone category transparent


It's possible that there is no option to override graphic of zone category fill from Solid, to for example 25% keeping in mind that the Zone Category color should be Foreground color and no background as it's messed up now. For the fill of 25% one color should be 0 - transparent, and second one as the category color. Right now, it's impossible to choose Foreground as 0-transparent. How many versions of the software, and this was noticed by no-one... Frustrating! 


Screenshot 2022-09-16 143504.jpg



AC has never offered a transparent option for the Foreground pen as it doesn't really make sense. The foreground can be anything from solid to pattern to a % fill pattern or off. The background is always required to fill the shape to the boundary with either a solid colour or no colour. You can select a Background Fill pattern and the foreground pen will be ignored. If you have a look in your AC standard template file at the available Zone Graphic Overrides you might get a better idea of how AC handles these overrides. 

Apple iMac macOS Ventura / AC26UKI (most recent builds)

I think you didn't understand me. I have zone categories, 5 of them each with different color, but as applying them, they are solid, not transparent. I need to see furniture underneath for example, but still keeping in mind color schemes for differ. categories. 

I perfectly got the ideas how Graphic Overrides work for zone templates, and I'm telling you that 3 color circle icon needs to be on Foreground part, so I can choose transparent or any other color as Background. Not stupidly opposite as it's now. 

I don't disagree the GO's should have the same colour override options for foreground as background, but the custom colour option is a new feature that is a work in progress with foreground to follow at some point.


In terms of current workflows there are numerous ways to expose the furniture including:

1. Simply changing the display order position of the zone stamp backwards or bringing the furniture forwards.

2. Change the Zone Settings > Floor Plan colour & fill override settings

3. Assign a GO for each Zone category


If you need a unique foreground colour you can add it to your pen set  where you have access to the RGB values.

Apple iMac macOS Ventura / AC26UKI (most recent builds)

Ah so, there is no a quick step... Again, we have to make a large set of arrangements. Thank you!! 

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