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Managing Favourites

David Shorter
I seem to be missing something fundamental here.
For example
I have a number of door favourites. I use them to place doors in various situations but when I go back to the project a couple of weeks later I don't seem to be able to check which doors were placed using favourites and even which favourites where used to place the doors in the first place.
I don't seem to be able to manage the favourites.
What am I missing and how do I mange the application of favourites?
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Favourites are more of a template to get you started, they are not linked to your model.

I suppose by combining Find & Select or a schedule and a clever naming scheme for your favourites you could set up something with a few steps that would allow for quickly changing things based on favourites, but really at that point it is just another way of changing settings.
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Not applicable
This is one of the reasons I made this wish, It will be good to have associative favorites.

Tim Ball
Another approach would be to set up a schedule that looks for the door information that you want to check throughout the model. You could easily check for sizes, surfaces, door leaf types, fire rating - anything really. The pick them off in the schedule to update if they are not correct.

I use schedules a lot to quality check my drawings
Tim Ball
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