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Marketting Floor Plan with Shadows

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Good evening. I am in a bit of a bind. I have been seconded onto a multi Unit development and have been asked for colour floor plans which can bee used for marketting. the problem is, the they want the material (carpet/ floor boards) to render realistically with shadows. I have loaded the materials into Archicad 16 and they render quite well. I put in a camera directly overhead, but they do not like the perspective look of the output. I changed the settings of the 3D window, but again they do not like the outcome. They want a straight floor plan, with furniture, rendered realistically with shadows.
Can we do this in Archicad or do I need to export to Autodesk products to do it?

Barry Kelly
You don't need to have a perspective view in 3D.
You could use an Axonometric top down view and that will look just like your floor plan.

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Thank you Barry. It is simple when one knows how.

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