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Material in File to Hotlink to Twinmotion

I have some challenges with materials when I hotlink a file and Direct Link to Twinmotion.

1) In the original file the glass shows as glass. Both in Archicad and Twinmotion.

2) I then hotlink the original file into a second Archicad file, but seem to lose some material info.
The panels are all set to the same material settings.

3) When I Direct Link the second Archicad file to Twinmotion, the hotlinked file materials still shows incorrectly.

Any ideas?

The original Archicad

The original Twinmotion

View of the hotlinked file in the second Archicad

Twinmotion view
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Is that a curtain wall that is not generating properly? Have you tested hotlinking it into a blank file?

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Barry Kelly
I have moved this post to the rendering section of the forum.


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Check you actually do have the material in the material / surface list in your 2nd AC file. It should not matter but worth go and might fixes your problem?

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