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Materials for use in ArchiCAD

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Can anyone tell me where to get a good selection of materials to use in creating my own custom finishes?
Thanks in Advance!

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you can probably find some materials on the interwebs somewhere, but it's easier to make your own materials from downloaded textures. try - they've got a fairly good selection, or just try search in Google images for a particular texture - e.g search for 'brick texture' under the images search and you should get hundreds. you'll need to learn a bit about texture mapping and material creation unless you know this already...? are you intending to render the 3D model with textures? and if so, do you intend to render in ArchiCAD or will you use another render package such ads Artlantis?

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Thank you. A quick look at the site looks like it will be very helpful. I will be rendering in ArchiCAD. It will help if I have realistic looking textures. Since I'm in Santa Fe I wonder if I'll be able to find adobe?
Thanks again,
I appreciate your help!

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