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Missing Model View Options

I am having a recurring issue with my template file. I have every view set and saved the way I need it, but after saving it and reopening to add or change items, each view will state, "Missing (Floor Plans)" in within the View Settings. I open the "View List" under "Project Indexes" and everything is good there so I thought it was just a visual glitch.

However, for example, I noticed that I had views where door or window callouts should be off but they were showing. I open the MVO to check it, and everything is set correctly. The only fix that I can find, so far, is going into View Settings clicking off of Floor Plans, then back on it, refresh the layout view, and it fixes the callout. Close the file, come back in, rinse, repeat, ...

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We are having the same issue with all of our BIMcloud Basic teamwork projects. Would love to know what the solution is when one is found. Thank you!
Page & Beard Architects

We're also having this issue with AC23 and AC24 both on BiMcloud Basic. Very frustrating!
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Marc H
. . . a new feature since Archicad 23 (although I don't think it might be the case, but just to make sure): In previous versions, if you renamed Layer Combinations, MVOs, Pen Sets, Renovation Filters, Graphic Override Combinations, Dimension Standards or 3D Styles, then any Views referencing these would display them as “missing” in View Settings – because the link was based on the settings name. As of Archicad 23, a unique identifier is used so these settings no longer go missing after a rename.
I just realized this improvement this past week as I over-haul my template. Thank you! It really helps in evolving template improvements without the fear of having to re-attach the settings for each change.
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Any updates on this issue? When printing a large project, it is frustrating to get everything set up correctly the day before and then come back the next day to print and see the pages not showing up correctly again. Rinse and repeat....

i7 8700k
ROG Strix Z390-E MoBo
64gb RAM
EVGA GeForce GTX 2080

A Sharma
Just found this thread and had to create an account to be another voice
I've been having this issue since the very beginning of AC24NZE (maybe even AC23NZE) - only occurs with BIMCloud projects it difficult to willingly reproduce but it will happen (every single project has had this).

Like some other people have mention, it is very frustrating to notice it has gone missing, then correct it, then come back the next day to print a set to finding it all missing again!! I have had to factor this issue into my work flow for printing/publishing which is painful.

Are there any updates/ has this been fixed in 25?
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Olga S

Hi 🙂

Any updates on this issue? I'm having it in all my AC24 files on BimCloud. It's highly time consuming to update all views every time I have to plot anything.



Nguyen Minh
Graphisoft Moderator
Graphisoft Moderator

Dear All,


Thank you very much for raising this issue once again!


From our expert in BIMcloud, we would like to try the following things:


1 - Reserving MVOs before creating a new one;
2 - Delete the user's TW Data folder. They may find it here:
Windows - C:\Users\<username>\GRAPHISOFT\TW Data
macOS - Macintosh HD/Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/GRAPHISOFT/TW Data

If none of the suggestions works, we might need to take a look at the Teamwork Support Package. Nevertheless, please let us know how it goes!


Best regards,


Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer

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