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Non printable notes objects/layers/functions


It is common for me to add notes to drawings while discussing with the client. Ususally I write them on the relevant drawing on a non-printing layer in autocad. Eg "make doorhole wider" or something in that manner.

What would be the equivalent solution in Archicad. Ie the possibility to write text on a drawing in layout mode and then having it not print when printing from layout mode.

Any help would be appreciated. (Please refrain from bashing autocad, or telling me that "this function is not necessary". This has been dealt with in earlier posts.)


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Put the notes on a unique layer, then hide that layer before printing.

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Eduardo Rolon
You can use the same procedure than in autocad. Differences are that you don't have a "no print" option for the layers you need to create a Layer Set for were that layer is off for print purposes.
You could also learn to use "MarkUp Tools" which will make things more automatic.
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Thank you for your quick answers!

I guess the simple solutions work best. New layer it is.

Mark-up tool I tried but I didn't manage to make it not print. It will have to wait 'til another day.

Have a good day!

AA / Architect

AC18 • Intel Q6600 Quad Core | 4 gb ram | Radeon HD 4850• Win 7

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