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OOTB door symbol no casing?

New to ArchiCAD and also this forum. Apologies if this has been covered - still learning enough of the lingo to properly ask/search questions.
Under MVO detail level for doors, the "medium" option has the leaf as a single line. Is there a simple way to change the 2D representation for the "medium" option so that the leaf is a simple rectangle? Or, simplify the "full" option a bit (like turn off the casings)? If no easy way, it's fine. Too much other learning to get up to speed on the program to worry too much extra about the door representation right now.
Thanks in advance!
Camille She

Barry Kelly
Hello Camille and welcome to Archicad and this forum.

Firstly please try and post in an appropriate section of the forum.
Please read the descriptions to find a section that suits your topic.
I have moved this post to the 'Construction Document' section as you are inquiring about altering how the documentation looks.
I guess it could also have gone in the 'Library/Library Parts' section as it is referring to library parts.

Anyway, unfortunately there is no easy solution to your problem.
The objects (doors) are scripted to look a certain way for each of the 2D representation settings.
With a bit of GDL coding, it would be possible to alter each object so you can adjust how it looks for each 2D representation.
But that is not really feasible with the default Graphisoft objects - you will never be able to update to a new library in future (without re-scripting all of the changes again).

If you feel really strongly about this, you could make a post in the 'Wishes' section asking for the ability to customise the 2D representation settings for objects.
You can even add a poll so other members can vote.


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