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Panoramic render

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Hi, i was looking in internet for some solve of my problem and only thing i've found is to make panoramic image like in real world with normal camera - make photos around and stick them togother in software. I decided to ask for it here. How can i make panoramic render from archicad? It doesn;t have to be 360, but kind of 200. Tried to combine how to make it with VR scenes but i don;t get it.

Karl Ottenstein
The answer - like most here - depends on what version of AC you are using. Please edit your profile (text link "Profile" near top of this page) to include your hardware, OS and AC version.

You seem to be looking for a VR Panorama. If you are in 15, this feature is gone and you'll have to use some other software, such as Artlantis Studio, to generate it. See;
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I have AC14

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