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Pen sets in AC 24 templates, INT, SPA


I am looking at the pen sets in the AC 24 SPA template (the “functional” pens), but they look to me like all model pen sets —I can't see how any of them can make sense for drawings, including the ones that are set by default for the few drawings in the few layouts in the template. So I went to check INT, and it is the same thing. 


Starting off the template, new users don't even understand the concept of model and drawing pen sets. So they go for graphic overrides to try to fix that and the effect is humongous horrendous laborious chaos. 


My thought was that there must be advantages to sticking to standard (default settings of objects and windows; same with composites, which would make it easier for the beginner to create his own composites by duplicating and modifying them, etc.). How do you produce an architectural black and white drawing out of these?


What am I missing?



Personally I gave up on pen sets years ago due to the deeply embedded pen settings in different objects which I found unreliable. Now I have one pen set with a range of essential colours & weights. Colours where required are assigned by Graphic Overrides. I have one GO that changes all linework to a 0.25mm black pen and then if anything needs highlighted e.g. using a heavier pen or different colour, then other GOs change the relevant elements. GO's are easy to set up for any type of presentation, where as Pen Sets need a more organised & higher level of management.

The pen sets have a long legacy, but they are also only reliable when there is a good office template locked in place. 

Apple iMac macOS Monterey / AC26UKI (most recent builds)

Vasileios S_

I also have created my Pen Set. Just one, no more.

As you can see, I have set the first 5 lines 10 shades of gray, from black to white. Every shade has ten weights, from 0.1 to 1.0. Then I have set two lines of general colours, the first line is set to 0.5 and the second to 0.15. Then I have my main colours accordingly. I normally use blue to show the information I need. With GO I can change everything to pink, orange or green. The rest lines (currently white) are there in case I want a specific colour for a project.


You cannot build a line.

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